General Info

General Info


Breakfast and Lunch Information

  • Spook Hill has an excellent lunch and breakfast program.  Breakfast and lunch are served free of charge to ALL students. Some students bring their own lunches.  If you choose to bring your child a lunch, please remember…NO GLASS BOTTLES/CONTAINERS OR CARBONATED DRINKS ALLOWED.

Menus, prices, nutrition, … Frequently Asked Questions & Student Nutrition Information (county page)

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TOLERANCE is our Keys to Character for March!

Recognizing and respecting differences, values, and beliefs of other people.


 Spook Hill Elementary's Expectations 

Act Responsibly

Be Respectful

Consider Safety

What is PBIS?

What is CHAMPS?



Visitors on Campus

  • ALL visitors on our campus must sign in through the Visitor Tracking System in the main office upon arrival and present a valid driver’s license or government issued I.D.  Visitor name badges will only be assigned to individuals having lunch with their own children (only adults authorized on each student’s emergency card) or individuals that have prearranged conferences.  Visitors without name badges on campus will be stopped and asked to report to the office.

Celebration Delivery Policy

We will only accept deliveries of school related items such as books, lunch boxes, etc. from parents/guardians that are listed on the student’s emergency card. Gifts, flowers, and balloons for students may not be delivered or brought to the school. Balloon arrangements, bouquets, and other celebration deliveries for students are considered an educational distraction in the classroom and a safety issue in the hallways, cafeteria, and aboard buses. It is not appropriate for the school to be responsible for delivery of non-school related articles to students. Please make arrangements with the classroom teacher prior to sending in any treats to school. Edible treats must be commercially prepared items for food safety reasons. Due to allergy and medical restrictions, the teacher must be contacted prior to providing treats for the class. While treats are acceptable, this is not to be considered a party for your child. Visitors, camcorders, party favors, etc., are interruptions of the educational process and are not permitted.

Supply List

Attendance Policy

School attendance is essential as it directly relates to student achievement therefore regular attendance cannot be overstated. According to Florida Law parents have the responsibility to have their child in school every day that he/she is physically able, arriving promptly, and remaining throughout the scheduled day. Vacations and trips must be preapproved with the school administration.

If your child is ill a call should be made to the school office by 9:00am at (863) 678-4262 and upon their return please send a note signed by the parent explaining the reason for the absence.

Excused Absences are defined as an absence that has the sanction of the parent and the school. The following absences are acceptable and will be excused with appropriated documentation: 

  • Personal Illness
  • Illness or Death in the Immediate Family
  • Religious Holidays
  • Educational Trips
  • Trips with Parents
  • School Sponsored Activities
  • Judicial Actions
  • Military Dependent School Age Students

Parents can now access their child’s information from any computer/tablet/smartphone with an internet connection. The MyPolkSchools Parent Portal allows parents to check for the accuracy of their child’s attendance.


Promptness to class is necessary for the student to take full advantage of available educational opportunities. All students should be on campus in time to be in class at 7:50am. Instruction, organization, and preparation for the day begins immediately. Excused and unexcused tardies will be defined the same as excused and unexcused absences.

Please do not drop children off after the tardy bell rings at 8:00. A parent must walk tardy students to the front office for a tardy slip. All gates will be locked in the morning and remain locked for the remainder of the school day.

Messenger is the communication system used to notify parents when children are absent. If your child arrives after the call-out is made please understand that the class attendance was already verified prior to your student’s arrival. Please be sure the office has your correct phone number for messages and emergencies.

For the purpose of a truancy petition, three unexcused tardies and/or early dismissals will equal one day unexcused absence.


Regular school days there will be no student check outs AFTER 2:15 pm.

Early Release days there will be no student check outs AFTER 12:00 pm.

Students will be released ONLY to those adults listed on the emergency card. It is imperative that your child’s emergency information card is kept up-to-date. Please let the office know of any changes in address or phone number.

Please make every effort to schedule medical and dental appointments after school hours or during holiday breaks. When your child leaves early it disrupts the entire classroom learning environment.


School Board Policy on Attendance in Student Progression Plan (pages 46-48)

School Board By-Laws & Policies 5230-Late Arrival & Early Dismissal

Florida Statutes Chapter 1003 Part II School Attendance

Attendance Works