Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

To access Polk County’s Student Code of Conduct click here.

Dress Code

Uniforms are part of the school day at Spook Hill Elementary. Students have several options:


  • Navy, black, Khaki/Tan shorts, pants, skorts, skirts, skirted jumpers
  • must be plain, solid-color twill, corduroy or denim fabric
  • traditional blue jean color is OK for denim
  • shorts/skirts must be mid-thigh or longer
  • belts are required if there is a belt loop


  • White, Navy or Lt. Blue with collar must have long or short sleeves
  • knit polo or woven dress shirts, blouses, turtlenecks
  • Spook Hill T-shirt (any color)
  • shirts (including T-Shirts) must be tucked in

The Uniform Dress Code does not allow for clothing with colored trim, stripes, embroidery, decoration, etc. It also does not provide for overalls (overalls with pants or shorts), sweat pants, knit pants/skirts, leggings, etc.

Other dress code rules:

  • shoes must be safe, appropriate, and have enclosed heels or a heel strap (flip flops, slides and sandals without heel straps may not be worn.)
  • clothes must be appropriate size, with waist of garment worn at student’s waist
  • clothing that is too tight or too loose is not appropriate for school
  • a small logo is acceptable

School administrators will determine if clothing is appropriate for school and complies with district rules. For more information, please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for a copy of the student dress code.

Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

The ABC’s of Behavior are the expectations we have for our students…

Act Responsibly

Be Respectful

Consider Safety

What is PBS?

Positive Behavior Support is an alternative to traditional methods of discipline.

Students are taught the expectations for the classroom, cafeteria, play areas, and hallways. In addition, social skills lessons are taught so that children know the right way to ask for help, listen to the teacher, and get along in a social world. Students may EARN up to FIVE point for following the expectations. At the end of each week each grade level provides a reward for a certain amount of dollars collected. Teachers will collect and tally the dollar amount for each student for our monthly, school-wide reward.

If you have any further questions regarding our behavior plan, please contact your child’s teacher.