Celebration Delivery Policy

We will only accept deliveries of school related items such as books, lunch boxes, etc. from parents/guardians that are listed on the student’s emergency card. Gifts, flowers, and balloons for students may not be delivered or brought to the school. Balloon arrangements, bouquets, and other celebration deliveries for students are considered an educational distraction in the classroom and a safety issue in the hallways, cafeteria, and aboard buses. It is not appropriate for the school to be responsible for delivery of non-school related articles to students. Please make arrangements with the classroom teacher prior to sending in any treats to school. Edible treats must be commercially prepared items for food safety reasons. Due to allergy and medical restrictions, the teacher must be contacted prior to providing treats for the class. While treats are acceptable, this is not to be considered a party for your child. Visitors, camcorders, party favors, etc., are interruptions of the educational process and are not permitted.