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About Spook Hill Elementary


Welcome to Spook Hill Elementary

Welcome to Spook Hill Elementary. The school is located in the beautiful town of Lake Wales, established on the highest point on Central Florida's geographical ridge. The name, Spook Hill Elementary, was chosen because it is located next to the attraction Spook Hill.

School Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm
Address: 321 Dr. J. A. Wiltshire Ave E.
Lake Wales, FL 33853
Phone: 863-678-4262
Fax: 863-678-4210

Our Mission:

The Mission of Polk County Public Schools is to provide a high quality education for all students.
The Mission of Spook Hill is to create a parent-friendly school that ensures quality learning takes place by establishing a challenging, nurturing, and continually improving environment.

Our Vision:

Our vision of Spook Hill Elementary students, staff, parents, and community is to create a learning environment where active participants inspire each student to reach his/her maximum potential.